Ten on Tuesday

1. They say that having children allows you to relive moments from your childhood.  And it’s true.  But this is one memory I’ve had a few times now and is a bit strange.  Heavy rain conjures up a memory where I distinctly remember lying in bed on rainy nights and worrying I’d left something important outside, most likely near our swing set.  I’d have to account for my blanket, my doll, my favorite book, etc.  Lately, on rainy nights, I’m awoken by the heavy drops on the roof or loud cracks of thunder, and immediately I’m seven years old again, worrying about what we may have left outside while we were playing in the yard that afternoon.  My camera, the stroller.... Isn’t that weird? 2. I read some very interesting and important information about sunscreen yesterday. Go read. I checked through our collection of sunscreens just this morning and found none of them contain the important active ingredients. But this link was helpful, and I will be visiting my local Target in search of this one soon.

3. During the Summer months I rarely watch tv (other than the news), but I do watch the Bachelorette. A total girly girl show, I know... but I will have you know, that last week I got together with some friends to watch the Monday night show, and was surprised that our viewing group contained 2 males out of a total of 7.  The two were, Mike and Anthony, and you have my permission to make fun of them. =)

4. Anyways, I should have mentioned a few weeks ago that I have my dibs on J.P. if Ashley doesn’t choose him. I’m sure no other girl in America would have any problem with that, right?

5. A coworker introduced me to the SoundHound app last week and I’m a little obsessed. Open this app while listening to a song and it will identify the artist, the song title, offer to bookmark it, supply the iTunes link to buy the song, the lyrics for the song, etc. It’s amazing and I’m in love.

6. If you’ve ever wondered what weather nerds are interested in, check out this 6 meter globe which displays satellite images of the world. A few of my coworkers and I drooled over that for a few minutes this weekend while on shift. Yep, we’re full fledged weather nerds.

7. Have you been watching The Eagles?! You know, these ones. I’ll admit to forgetting about them for awhile, but they are flying now! Or...almost.

8. One of my favorite little nephews turned 2 yesterday, which takes me back to the day I found out I was pregnant with Ephram. I had just taken Zachary’s newborn photos, had left with an out-of-control baby fever, and that night, I took the test. His birthday will always remind me of the day I found out I was going to be a mom.

9. I’ve been wanting to increase my skillz with Illustrator for some time now, but I don't have the freetime I had my freshman year of college (which is when I learned most of my Photoshop skillz - it’s cooler when you add the z, right?). I really wish I could just add 14 extra hours into life for this lynda.com video. Actually, I think a whole extra week attached on to the end of June would be perfect.

10. Speaking of extra time, I just looked over my July calendar and realized I’m working a stretch of 11 days, then going on vacation for 8, unpacking and settling back into normalcy for 2 days, and then working another 9. Oh ya, and a couple photo shoots squeezed in for good measure. That’s my July. Yikes. Maybe a whole extra month would be good?