Ten on Tuesday

1. Between 5 overnight shifts, staying late at work this morning, a nature “camp” for Ephram at River Bend Nature Center and my niece and nephew staying with us and other close by family this week, we've got a busy week going on. Hoping to squeeze a little bit of sleep in there too. But hey, it’s Summer. And Summer means fun. I just hope I can stay awake for it all between now and Thursday night, when I finally sleep at the same time normal people sleep. What a divine idea! 2. The eight (I think?) year old nephew, Grant went with Beau to the grocery store last night to pick up food for the week. At the check out, they made guesses on how much the bill would be. Grant guessed $16. Beau guessed $135. I’ll let you guess which one was closer.

3. When we learned Ephram was in need of heart surgery broke it our hearts fifteen months ago, but I look back on those days now and cannot even believe it happened sometimes. He’s so active and healthy now.  And I’m so grateful. But just last week, a coworker of mine became a father of twins and one of them has a similar but more complex heart defect than Ephram. You all were so fabulous when we sat patiently awaiting the results of Ephram’s surgery. So please keep his family in your thoughts today as week old Jaden has his first heart surgery today.

4. These shirts are more than enough, in and of themselves, to make me wish our family did family reunions!

5. In the past month, I’ve seen the Treehouse Tresorts referred to twice (1) (2) on blogs I follow. I’ve now added a trip to Oregon to my (non-existent) bucket list. This place looks amazing! Family reunion anyone? ;)

6. Ephram and I tried out these healthy oatmeal cookies last week and he actually liked them. Or at least he did as long as I didn't offer him any blueberries as a second option. But seriously, I'm thinking of making them again because even I enjoyed snacking on them.

7. One of my fav photographers shared a few tips for making some creative Fourth of July photos with sparklers. A great tutorial for those missing my Thursday Photo Thoughts (which I’ve been severely slacking on...)

8. Last Friday Beau and I actually went out to a restaurant for dinner, without Ephram. Like a real date or something. I’m not even sure since it’s been so long. But I do know that it wouldn’t have been possible without our good friend, Amanda!

9. In addition to being incredibly sweet and giving up a Friday night to watch our little boy, Amanda also sent me photos she took from throughout the night. I’m loving this one of Ephram “talking” on the wii-mote as if it’s a phone. He apparently had so much fun with the wii-mote, she even let him take it to bed!

10. The deprivation of sleep is catching up to me and I can’t come up with a tenth thing to share, so I’ll declare my love for this adorable hat, and my desire to buy it for myself, despite the fact that it’s listed in the toddler boy section of Gap.com.