Ten on Tuesday

1. It's nearly impossible for my mind to wrap around the fact that just one year ago, I was a mother to this little guy. 2. One day short of a year later from #1, that little guy climbed up platforms at the "little" park near our house and went down the slide all on his own.

3. I have pictures. Don't you worry.

4. And since I'm in this "my kid is growing up far too fast" mood, here's a look back at Ephram and I just two years ago. (Before most people even knew!)

5. We skipped fireworks last night since I had to work, and Ephram had missed his afternoon nap. Unfortunately, instead of sleeping through the firework noise and sleeping soundly like he usually does, he woke up 30 minutes after going to bed and continued to cry for Beau until around 3:30am. I'm 80% sure it's teething pain and sure enough, I see tooth #7 (finally!) popping through today.

6. I did however enjoy a beautiful display of (finale) fireworks + Minneapolis skyline from afar, across the river, from the window of my boss's office just after getting to work. The best way to view fireworks in my opinion is to watch them in silence.

7. Now I'm curious what we'll do next year with a 2 year old. Will he enjoy fireworks then? Will he be okay staying up that late?

8. I'm currently working on new blog designs for both this blog and my photography biz blog. Hoping to have them finished by the end of the week, along with a few design projects for others. I'm excited to share.

9. We gave one of our cats to a coworker last Friday before heading up north. We have had him for nearly 5 years so it's been a little hard to be home without him. But it's amazing how much less cat hair there is floating around our house now. Even with two more still living here. If you know of anyone interested in a cat or two though, please let me know. We love them so much, but we're just too busy to give them the attention and love they need.

10. Since this was a pretty lame ToT post, I'll leave you with a photo of the delightful little face I am fortunate enough to spend time with every single day. He's so sweet, isn't he? ;)