Ten on Tuesday

1. Honestly, I usually collect things to share for Ten on Tuesday throughout the week, but this week I've failed.  Tonight will also be my 9th straight night of work, so I guess I have a somewhat valid excuse for slacking. 2. Friday morning at 8:15am, I'll complete my 11 day work week and begin my 11 day vacation!  See, it all works out.  Especially when I'm only using 3 days of PTO within that 11 day stretch.

3. After my 7th overnight I drove home yesterday morning feeling more awake than I had the previous 6 days of work.  It was a very good thing, especially since I arrived home to a crusty eyed toddler who definitely would not be admittable to daycare.  Being the wonderful mother and wife I am (at least this day!), I told Beau to go to work and that I would just stay up with Ephram and keep him home.  Well, not 5 minutes after Beau left for work, it was clear Ephram was not feeling well and we'd be making a visit to the doctor's office.  And sure enough, pink eye and a double ear infection.  Ephram and I cuddled all day long, just like he was 3 months old again.  I may have not gotten much sleep, and it was hard to see him so sick, but I sure enjoyed those cuddles.  I'll take them when I can get them these days.

4. Not to worry though, Ephram was feeling a lot better today and was back to his usual self, running around the house, slamming blocks together, and various mischievous behaviors, such as sticking refridgerator magnets into the cold air return vent.  Yep, completely back to normal.

5. When we have to see a doctor other than our family doctor for colds and the like, I always feel as though it's comparable to having a friend's mom take care of you instead of your own mom.  Am I alone in this or do I just like our family doctor too much?  Luckily, the doctor Ephram did see yesterday did a pretty good job.

6. Watch my photography blog for a sweet little 8 week old boy who will be popping up on there tomorrow!

7. How many of you pay the $5 addon for unlimited text messages on your cell phone plan?  We do, so I was quite interested to read the true cost text messages for cell phone companies.

8. I'm sure you heard about Netflix's plan to raise their price by now.  The news was released earlier today and no one is very happy about it.  But will we all really cancel our service from them?  Since we've probably watched a total of 4 movies this year through Netflix so far, I plan to put my service on hold tomorrow and send back the dvd I know I will not have a chance to watch in at least the next 2 weeks (which would make a total of 5 weeks I've had the dvd in my hands).

9. Are you on Google Plus yet?  If you are interested, email me with your email address so I can send you an invite.

10. Do you know what Google Plus is?  If not, check out this demo.  I'm not sure how it will compete with Facebook and Twitter yet, but I'm definitely interested enough to hop on board and test it out.  So come say hi!