Ten on Tuesday

1. Is it just me or is it extremely hard to go back to work after 11 relaxing days off?  Not to mention just getting back in the groove of being back home.  I think by tomorrow, I’ll be there.  But today is just plain rough! 2. I’m feeling semi-guilty about the randomness of the vacation photos I posted earlier today.  I think it was a mix of laziness and toting around a 16 month old.  Maybe next time I’ll actually put this great tip by Becky Higgins into motion and stay a bit more organized with my vacation photos.  I read it before leaving, thought it was great, and yet still didn’t do it.

3. By the way, South Dakota may not seem like an extravagant summer destination, but if you ever drive through, while Mount Rushmore and Wall Drug are must sees even if they aren’t really all too impressive, Custer State Park definitely is.  And definitely check out Sylvan Lake.  It’s so cool it was featured in a National Treasure movie. ;)

4. A coworker shared this video with my the week before vacation and I’ve been dying to share it ever since.  If someone could just transport me to the day when we have that type of technology, I’d be a happy camper.  Reminds me so much of the movie, Minority Report.  Remember that movie?

5. Luckily we’ve got Apple to keep us technologically happy until we have the ability to send email by tapping on the bathroom mirror.

6. It amazes me how much Ephram is able to communicate to me without words these days.  A nervous look and frightened/nervous sigh while pointing at the closet?  Means he wants to play with the vacuum.  It used to scare him (which is how the noise originated), now he just likes inspecting it.

7. Ephram wasn’t too fond of the green beans I put on his plate yesterday for lunch.  After telling me he was all done (using sign language), he picked up a green bean and held it out to put in my mouth. When I ate it out of his slimy hands (yep, I’m a disgusting mom - no wonder I’m sick all the time!) he ensured me that it would taste good with a “mmmmm!”

8. I made a doctor’s appointment for myself yesterday after having a sore throat for over two weeks (it seemed silly, just a sore throat, but it was getting worse! and painful).  Luckily I was able to see our family doctor, which is always great, but I took Ephram with me and he was not too sure about her. Being the typical toddler he is, when she entered the exam room, he went from crazy-curious toddler to shy-scared toddler on the ground, with a full on pout face.  I suppose this is just a taste of how wonderful his 18 month check up will be.

9. The good news is that he got a good reminder of what a shot feels like on our South Dakota vacation.  And that reminder was a bee sting in the neck! Ow!

10. I’m in a recipe rut.  I know there are a ton of recipes out there, but I need some that don’t cost a leg and an arm and require bizarre ingredients that I’ll only use once.  Oh, and something that’s tasty and yummy and healthy?  That’s not too much to ask, right?  If you have any, send them my way, please!