Ten on Tuesday

1. Last week I spoke my frustration about trying to find healthy yet affordable yet not exotic recipes for dinners, and just a day later I stumbled upon the Budget Byte blog. Super cool and I think I’m going to try this one out first. 2. It took me until Oprah’s final season to get into watching her show (maybe it was my age?) but I sure wish I would have stumbled upon this site a few months ago and played Oprah Bingo on that final show! Too bad Tom Cruise didn’t come back and jump on that sofa one more time for old time sake.

3. After having to skip two weeks of my Couch to 5k running program due to Ephram’s sickness/daycare cancellations/vacation I’m happily back into it and just in time for it to get a little more intense. But I’m loving it and am so glad I put the effort into starting it. The more I run, the more I want to run. However, I’ve always struggled with side aches, which I recently learned are called side stitches. If you also suffer from these, this article was very insightful. THough I'm still having issues...

4. In other internet finds I’m hoping to try, and hope to make Beau try as well (since he sleeps much worse than I do), this mini-mission to sleep well sounds like it could do wonders! Do you have any tips for a better night's sleep?

5. In case you missed it, a family who appears on this blog from time to time can also be spotted over on my photography blog right now. Don’t miss it. These are some of my favorite photos to date of the adorable family.

6. Are you excited as me about the NFL season approaching? Well, you can bet I’ll be sporting purple and gold this Fall.

7. I just got off the phone making an appointment for Ephram’s 18 month check up (and hope to post his 17 month stats soon), but it’s got me feeling a bit nervous about his current pacifier usage. Ever since he took the nuk as a newborn, I have been dreading the day we’d have to take it away. But as it rapidly approaches, and my little guy still seems so little, I’m starting to shift my view towards this.

8. Speaking of said toddler, I hear him stirring in his crib, so I’ll have to cut this ToT post short. Happy Tuesday!