Ten on Tuesday

1. I have yet.another.cold... Seriously. I don’t think I’ve been sick this often since I was a toddler myself. I suppose you’d say smart mother would stop kissing her son the second he starts getting a runny nose, but I beg to differ. Because really even just one day without kissing that sweet face might be too much for me. Snot and all. 2. Okay, I promise not to update you on my personal 5k goal every week, but I had to mention my latest accomplishment. This morning’s run was Week 5 Run 3 which entails 20 minutes of straight running. I got home from work, sniffles returning as my Dayquil wore off and sore muscles (happens every time I get sick..) and I really doubted I’d be able to endure the full 20 minutes. I set out thinking I’d at least try my best and run as much as I could. And then I ran the entire 20 minutes, and even a few seconds longer, until I reached the foot of the driveway. Proud isn’t strong enough of a word right now.

3. Oh, and speaking of the side aches I mentioned last week? Yep, it’s definitely my breathing. As long as I focus on taking deep breaths from the start, I seem to be good to go (complete with hand motion from the old Taco Bell commercials).

4. It didn’t really hit me that summer was so close to ending until I saw a bunch of moms mentioning the first day of school on twitter yesterday. I guess in the South school starts in August?! Is this true elsewhere too? Here in MN we always wait until after Labor Day so it just seems so strange to me. We still have a whole month left of summer!

5. Okay, this is just crazy. If the whole world lived as packed together as New York, can you guess how much of the Earth we’d take up? While it's quite amazing, I sort of like my nice big backyard to grow veggies and flowers - oh, and breathe fresh air!

6. If the pervious link didn’t make you feel small, here’s a cool link showing the scale of the universe. Yep, pretty awesome stuff there.

7. While writing this post, Chrome browser just crashed on me. I immediately caught myself feeling a bit of rage at Google’s awful browser until I realized that I was typing the post up in Google Documents which constantly auto saves for me and recovered the whole thing. I apologize, Google.  I will never show you rage again.

8. I try to steer away from discussing politics with most people since I’ve found an overwhelming amount of people who do not share my thoughts on the matter. But in light of recent events, if you are one to believe we should raise taxes on the rich, I sincerely hope you take the time to read this article and give it a second thought. Even if you end up disagreeing, just read it, please. If you are going to vote against me, I at least want you to be informed.

9. This past weekend Beau had to fly to Ohio for work, so my mom came down and stayed with Ephram and I. I must say thank you to her again because having her in the same house as me and watching Ephram and her play is something I truly makes my heart happy. My sister even came to visit one of the days as well and I’m super glad she did. Us three girls spent so many evenings together after school/work and sometimes I miss that.

10. I’m in the mood for a movie. Something that Redbox would have. If you’ve seen a good comedy lately, comment below because I definitely need some recomendations!