Ten on Tuesday

1. I must start out this Tuesday with a confession. I'm a photographer and I have empty frames sitting on shelves in my home... Ridiculous if you ask me. So my mission this next month is to actually order prints for myself. Christmas present to myself maybe?

2. I've had such horrible post-pregnancy hair loss that I've resorted to moving my hair part from the side to the center. I hate this. Anyone other mamas out there lose this much hair? Did it ever come back?!

3. Another confession? I'm in love with this idea for a Thanksgiving kid's table game.

4. Another love? This little headband. Santa, are you reading this?

5. Oh, and Santa? If you are indeed reading this, I'd sure love one (or all) of these (along with an upgrade from an iPhone 3 to iPhone 4): Lenses for the iPhone! And you can be sure I'd be wearing one as a necklace like you see in this picture.

6. Have you checked out the Instagram app for the iPhone yet?! I've become slightly obsessed with it. The photos I took of the snow the other day were made with that app.

7. Oh, that snow... it sure is making it feel all holiday-like around here. I got the go ahead from the husband to start decorating, so watch out. The house may be fully decked out by next week!

8. I put three Christmas Card orders in just this morning to WHCC. It's going to really start to feel like Christmas around here later this week when the UPS man delivers these!

9. Th photographer and amazing mother, Erin Cobb, totally inspired me this week with after her post before and after a 13.1 mile run. Someday, when I'm not working rotating shifts, someday, when Ephram doesn't need to nap three times a day, someday, when I have more than 10 minutes to spare each day.. Someday I want to run, everyday. Congrats again, Erin, and thank you for being so inspiring!

10. Things that are making me happy this week: Ephram's first tooth appearing, edible cookie dough, still warm enough weather for walks outside, snowflake pajama pants, and the Glee Christmas Album.