Ten on Tuesday

1. Eye candy to start off this ToT post; I’m in love with the new West Elm Modernist Collection of Kitchen bowls and mugs.  Especially this one. 2.  Ali Edwards shared these adorable memory keepers on her blog last week, and am itching to order one for Ephram - using the outstanding August discount they are offering right now.  Definitely check these out.

3. In an attempt to make veggies delicious, I tried this broccoli recipe last week and it was definitely not far from amazing.  Maybe just a touch dry, but I still loved it.  Unfortunately, Ephram did not.  If I ever get Ephram to eat what we eat, it will be my biggest accomplishment to date.

4. Speaking of delicious vegetables, my friend Ally shared a meatless recipe on her blog yesterday that I definitely will have to try out.  She may even be sharing delicious meatless recipes every Monday, so add her to your blog reader list, pronto!

5. Yesterday I wrote an article on the Telvent blog about the Indiana State Fair tragedy and how you can stay safe from severe weather. Yes, it was a freak accident, but this also is a good reminder that we can all have personal accountability in these situations and stay informed on the weather at all times.

6. Following 3 years of playing freezer tetris (you know, where you spend hours fitting randomly sized boxes meticulously into the freezer so that everything fits?), we finally broke down and bought a block freezer for our basement.  So, I’m looking for some yummy freezer recipes to make ahead for dinners.  Do you have a favorite?

7. I’m hoping those freezer meals will be most helpful during the Winter months when I would almost rather die than go out into the cold to get to the grocery store.  In the meantime, I’ve been focusing on recipes I can create using produce from our garden.  So far my favorite was a roasted tomato and pepper soup. De-licious!

8. Thank you Jon Stewart for pointing out something that has been bothering me.  Has anyone else noticed that Ron Paul is being completely ignored by the media?  Actually, this guy also wrote a darn good article with the same thoughts.

9. We’re considering a road trip down to South Padre Island in Texas sometime this winter.  If you are from that area, I’m up for suggestions on what we could check out and do down there with a one year old.

10. I blogged a photo session sneak peek for my friend Shanna yesterday.  Her husband was just deployed overseas again and we took these photos to send him.  But while you are over there, why not give her some love and leave a comment :)