Ten on Tuesday

1. Our tornado sirens went off at 2:30am this morning. At first I thought I was sleeping after an overnight shift and it was just a 1pm Wednesday test. Then I realized it was 2:30am, we were supposed to get storms, and immediately grabbed my phone to check radar and make sure a tornado wasn't really headed for my house. What did I see? A Severe Thunderstorm Warning to our west, but we. weren't. even. in. the. warning. Nor did the storm look that intense. Maybe some large hail, which did not give me any reason to take cover anywhere other than under my sheets. Needless to say, I was a tad bit annoyed (since my alarm was set to go off at 4:20...) and I needed my sleep. 2. Trust me when I say, you want those sirens only going off when there really is something dangerous coming at you, because when you warn for storms that aren't dangerous, people start to take those sirens less seriously.

3. If you are local, and you were awoken by the sirens at 2:30am for no reason like me, the good news is that it was a mistake apparently. The bad news; 2:30am is not exactly the best time make that type of mistake...

4. On a different weather related note, if you live in the Eastern US, I sure hope you are preparing for Hurricane Irene. Mother Nature really seems to be focused on the East Coast this week. An Earthquake hit them just a couple of hours ago too. By the way, the Earthquake already has twitter. Welcome to 2011.

5. I’ve been asked a few times recently about how I’ve gone about keeping track of my runs through the C25k program. The answer is Runkeeper on my iPhone. There are a number of apps available for C25k, but this one is free, tracks your routes, your speed, your incline, syncs them with their website online if you wish, and allows for music to play as well. Everything I could ask for in a running app, in my opinion.

6. Another iPhone app I do not think I could live without? TeuxDeux! Best to-do list out there in my opinion, though I wouldn't mind some color coding options. (Hear that Teux Deux?)

7. I stumbled across this story/quote this week. Made me think a little bit, so I thought I'd share.

8. If you know me, you know I love Taylor Swift (and yes, I still have all three of her cd’s playing on repeat in my car at least once a week). Beyond her amazing song writing skills, she's just so genuine. And it shows in her latest blog post of vacation photos.

9. Ephram's still being picky as ever when it comes to food, and I realize this is completely normal in my head, but sometimes reading it on the interwebs makes me feel just a little bit better. ;)

10. Guess what? I actually took my DLSR out on, not one, but TWO walks this past weekend. So I've got plenty of photos of this sweet little man to share. Here's just one that I immediately fell in love with.

Toddler playing in the water at the park