Ten on Tuesday

1. I may have been just about the luckiest meteorologist this past weekend. Instead of being stuck at work forecasting for Hurricane Irene, I was up north in Wisconsin at my brother in law’s wedding without much of an internet connection even. I thought I had outsmarted Mother Nature, but then she gave me Poison Ivy while I was taking photos just to make sure I paid for the lucky break I’d been given! 2. In all seriousness, Mother Nature really did create quite a bit of damage. Click here to watch Irene's journey through the Bahamas and up the East Coast from space. Here’s some awesome, crazy, sad photos culminated from Irene. And in case you are one of those people who have ever said that meteorologists overhype storms, here's a funny little post for you.

3. In less seriousness, this little girl’s coverage of Irene is quite adorable. I don’t know of any other little girl who may have obsessed over hurricanes when she was that age... Nope, definitely not with the name of Donya.

4. That wedding I mentioned above? You can see a sneak peek on my Facebook Page. And while you are there, you might as well ‘like’ it too ;)

5. Speaking of the fabulous bride and groom, they must have been stalking my blog because they thanked me with a couple of outstanding gifts. One of which was the Happy Family Movement’s Adventure in a Box for Road Trips I had mentioned before on this hear blog. You have no idea how excited I am now to take Ephram on a road trip this winter! (Thanks again, Blake and Tanya! I'll have your photos done soon!)

6. The ants in my kitchen (who also made it into our dining room, entry way, and laundry room...) have finally disappeared, and I think the magical cure was the large cucumbers we brought in from our garden. Who knew?! Oh, Pinterest, I love you.

7. Beau and I seem to be having an ongoing battle to beat each other’s scores in the game Extreme Road Trip. I'm not sure what is more addicting, attempting to beat Beau or just the game itself. You can thank me later for getting hooked.

8. Have heard some great things about Grocery IQ for list keeping, so I’m thinking about giving it a shot. Any reviews on it? Easy to update and use?

9. Is it true that friendship bracelets are making a resurgence? I may need to go dig in my closet for a few of the ones I made back in the day. Woah, I just felt old.  Something I did as a kid is already becoming fashionable again?

10. I am a lover of Fall weather, but whenever Summer starts coming to an end, all I can ever think of is the horribleness of Winter approaching. This year, I’m determined not to let the horribleness affect my attitude until it’s actually here. No point in worrying about the inevitable, right? I might as well just enjoy the prettiest seasonal change we get up here in Minnesota.  Though I may need a few dozen pumpkin gooey bars to assist in this attitude change...