Ten on Tuesday

1. Anyone else’s throat have a nearly permanent lump all weekend from holding back tears as they featured 9/11 documentaries on just about every channel?  Once we’d turn one on, it was like a bad car accident that you just couldn’t look away from.  I’m glad that we typically keep the tv off during the day when Ephram is awake, and on Sunday when we did have the tv on before the football game, the memorial service featured no photos of what happened 10 years ago.  I know Ephram wouldn’t think much of it now, but I just didn’t want him to see.  Drew summed my thoughts up best in her poston Sunday, “He’s too young to know how evil can be.”  By the way, I also loved her thoughts and perspective on what she will tell her son someday.  You can be sure I’ll be telling Ephram the same. 2. And just one more 9/11 mention. Dear Photograph is a site I’ve fallen in love with.  It contains photos of old photos, held up to match the same location as in the photo.  Such a clever idea.  On Sunday, they featured this one.

3. On Saturday, I purposely left my camera at home in hopes of just relaxing at a diaper shower for my friend, Kirsten.  I knew I’d regret it once I saw Ephram playing with all of his little friends, and I did.  The late summer evening sunlight was perfect and he and his 3 blonde boy buddies were being adorable.  Fortunately, my “point and shoot” iPhone is always with me and while the quality isn’t always the best, there aren’t any manual settings (I hate not being in full control of my camera), it can produce some great photos.  I love when I can get cool lens flares on my iPhone.

4. And to doubly convey how handy having a camera phone can be, I couldn’t pass up capturing this sweet moment at playdate yesterday (where Ephram is definitely an observer, as you can see). Good thing I had my phone!

5. For several years now I’ve seen bloggers take on a Thankful project in time for Thanksgiving and I planned on joining this year, but a recent discovery of this article shifted my thinking a bit.  Not only do I want to write about things I’m thankful for, but also for the positive aspects of being a mom.  I want to focus on the good days.  I love this mother’s first post and how simple but wonderful it is, just being thankful for an easy diaper change.  I can totally relate.

6. Whenever I find a link I like, I always end up surfing around the rest of the site I was lead to.  That happened with #6 and I also found this post by a fellow mother of an 18 month old who is considering converting her son’s crib to the toddler bed.  I hadn’t thought about it much yet since I had always figured that we’d do it once Ephram climbed out for the first time.  But after reading her post, I’m considering doing it sooner.  What are your thoughts fellow mamas?

7. Speaking of difficult toddlers, I came across this hilarious comedian last week who, from time to time, has the funniest posts about his children.  The first one I read was The Toddler Rite of Passage and I nearly started crying trying to hold back laughter while reading it at work.  If you read and like that one, definitely check out 3 Minutes Inside the Mind of My 2 Year Old, 3 Minutes Inside My Head, and 3 Hours Inside My Wife’s Brain.  All of which are just as funny.  Oh man, I hope he keeps writing.

8. Most of my friends and family have known that I’ve always wanted somewhat original names for my children.  And having a name like Donya, I think I can speak as a child who had an original name, that I did not get made fun of.  And instead, I think I quite liked not having to have the first letter of my last name constantly attached to my name (like Kelly G. and Kelly H. did).  So I got a little smile when I read Kal’s post about the names of the kids in her daughter’s preschool class.  I hope I’m safe in saying Ephram won’t have to have G attached to the end of his name in school.

9. I think I’ve shared this link before, but in case you like to watch the trends of popular names as much as I do, definitely check out the Baby Name Wizard.

10.  Let’s not talk about the Vikings game this past Sunday and just agree to hope that they’ll actually put an effort forth during the 2nd half of next week’s game.  Yes?