Ten on Tuesday

1. I swear Ephram is losing his baby fat bit by bit everyday, yet his feet are incredibly chubby.  And now that the cold weather has settled in, it’s not exactly acceptable for him to wear his sandals everywhere anymore.  (seriously, he lived in those things all summer.  no wonder they are so stinky.)  I think I’ve tried every toddler shoe from Target and Walmart on Ephram now and nothing really works.  I have always had a love for Toms and I have a feeling (or wish, one of the two) that they might fit his weirdly shaped feet.  But there is no way I’ll spend that kind of money on toddler shoes without trying them on him first.  So, I think E and I have a trip to Mall of America in our future. 2. Commenters: First, thanks for commenting.  I mostly write this blog to jot down memories along with the photos I capture of Ephram, and to share them with family + friends.  But sharing them with the world and hearing back from fellow parents and other internet peeps makes having a blog even more worth it.  All this to say, I changed up the comment format at the bottom of the posts.  It shouldn’t be too different from before, but you can now comment using your Facebook profile or by leaving your email address.

3. We enjoyed our backyard patio area one last time last week, picking all the remaining tomatoes and peppers prior to a low temperature of 25 degrees the next morning.  This past weekend Beau spent quite a bit of time ripping out all the veggie plants, disposing of any left over tomatoes, and digging up bulbs.  Sort of sad to see summer officially come to an end, but hey, on the bright side it’s only 7 months until we get to start all over... hmm, good thing I’ve got Pinterest to help me dream up plans for next years’ garden in the meantime.

4. Hey smoothie lovers, if you are like me, you end up with moldy fruit far too often.  I would freeze it all, but I don’t like the texture of frozen smoothies.  I’m much more of a thawed smoothie kind of girl.  Well anyways, I found this tip on rinsing fruit with vinegar/water to really help with my mold problem.  It seems to be working, or maybe I’m just having better luck this week.  Either way, I thought I’d share.

5. I’m pumped for the return of tv shows this week.  Parenthood, Modern Family, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.  Gosh, when you list them all out, it adds up to so much tv time.  I’d  feel guilty about it, but I know the first snowfall isn't too far off and the number of evenings we have to spend outside are numbered, so it’s okay.  So what shows are you looking forward to tonight?

6. Speaking of Glee, a coworker of mine looks just like Rachel Berry (aka Lea Michele).  What do you think? Amanda vs Lea Michele.

7. So how many are surprised by the drop in Netflix’s stock recently?  Since ending our subscription services with them and reuniting with Redbox, we’ve only rented one movie.  We even have a free movie code ready and waiting for us to snatch up the next time we do use Redbox.  we’ve had it for two months and have yet to use it, solely due to lack of time.  Maybe I should thank Netflix for raising their prices since it was just the kick I needed to stop spending money on something we clearly were not even using.

8. While editing a recent family session I realized I really need and want more photos of ephram and I together.  So I’m thinking about starting a self-portrait project.  Again.  And I’m pretty sure I’m going to need some motivation from others to keep up with it, so who’s with me?

9. Yesterday at playdate, Ephram’s little playmate Thisbe promptly whispered to her mom right after arriving, “snacks”.  Without a doubt, it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen a child (other than my own, of course) do this week.  But it also made me realize just how big our kids are getting.  When I first met this group of mamas, even the oldest ones could barely crawl.  Amazing.

10.  I’m still way behind on sharing photos.  I feel as though I may never catch up.  But at the same time, I have a feeling that the shortened days, cool weather, and lack of outdoor activities may bring me more time to share them in the not so distant future.