Ten on Tuesday

1. It's Tuesday?  That's what my brain tried to wrap its head around for a good 3 minutes and 30 seconds after my alarm went off this morning.  How did it get to be Tuesday so fast?  Well, I'm dedicating this post to the past week, to catch myself up on just how it got to be Tuesday in lightning speed. 2. Last Wednesday was one of those rare days that I had to stay up after working an overnight shift, which wasn't all that bad since as we all know, you can sleep when you are dead, right?!  Well I took a nice nap with Ephram from 1-3pm and then stayed up until 9pm with Beau.  I was feeling pretty good until Ephram started stirring Thursday morning at 6am... why does 6am have to seem so much earlier when the sun isn't up? I miss summer.

3. Thursday, being as sleep deprived as I (still) was, we hung out in our pajamas for far too long, drank the whole pot of coffee Beau left for me, and edited through what has become one of my favorite family sessions to date.

4. I was back to work at 6am on Friday, just 48 hours after getting off an overnight shift at 6am, which was totally my fault, trying to move my schedule around to better spread out the daycare, but that 4:30am alarm hit me like a ton of bricks.  Luckily the coffee is free at work.  I'm not sure how I would work without it.

5. Friday was topped off with something we rarely ever get to do; have dinner and a movie.  Beau and I, together, after Ephram was fast asleep in bed.  Dinner was this fabulous Beef Stir Fry - I had to simplify a lot of it (orange blossom honey? ya right), but it was so good.  Beau loved it, which made me even happier.  The movie was Love and Other Drugs and it was exceptionally good (thank you Redbox).

6. Saturday was devoted to running errands, but we headed out for a hike after Ephram's nap.  (more on that later)

7.  Football Sunday... let's just say, I've had better.  I think we should have anticipated a loss, but let's just say I don't think I'm the only one that was put into a funk after yet another Vikings loss (to the Lions no less!).

8. After a walk downtown with my boys, a latte in hand, and even an enticing offer by Beau for retail-therapy-ing at Target (seriously, I think it was more than just a Vikings loss that was putting me in a weird funk and Beau could tell), I finally decided Sunday evening was the day I put my month long running break to an end.  Man, am I glad I did that.  I knocked off 20 seconds from my mile average!

9. Yesterday was my day off with Ephram. And again we enjoyed our pajamas longer than intended, like all day.  But I finally started the project I've been talking about doing for over 3 years.  Yes, I finally put the first coat of white paint on the trim of our bathroom, and so far am loving it, and hope to move on to our bedroom the next time I have nothing on my to do list during an Ephram nap. White trimmed house, here I come.

10. So enough about me.  What have you been up to?  How was your weekend?