ten on tuesday

1. While I do love Christmas, the decorations, the cookies, seeing the family, the music, this post on ZenHabits fits my attitude about buying presents almost too perfectly. While I love buying for my nieces and nephews, and this year my own son, I sometimes feel like we focus so much on the buying, that the real ‘giving’ part gets pushed aside. And we all end up with more clutter in our homes. I remain torn however, since giving and opening gifts can be so much fun on Christmas Eve. But I may try to do something different next Christmas. What are your thoughts? 2. One way I hope to bring more ‘giving’ to Christmas next year is to start a Giving Jar like Jamie shows here. What an awesome idea!

3. Is anyone else feeling that sense of great potential and newness coming with January fast approaching? I love the holidays, but I really love the new year as well. I always create a list of things I want to do and accomplish – resolutions, I guess, is the right word. And of course, I have a hard time keeping them, but I’ll continue to make my list and hope for some better luck this year. This year, I really, truly hope to keep up with a photo-a-day project.

4. In my next life, when I have more time on my hands (I can dream, can’t I?), I’m hoping I can make more of my own baby food. Here are a few of the dishes I’m dreaming of making for Ephram, but know I will never get around to doing it: Mini Pot Pies and Sweet Potato and Butternut (wonderful recipes via Lisa)

5. Though, here is something I really do hope to make soon. Summer shared a granola recipe that has my mouth watering and will hopefully, partially fill my dream to eat more healthy foods. One meal at a time, right?

6. After switching to a desktop computer 3 years ago, I’m in the process of becoming a laptop girl once again. I’m pretty excited. Or, I will be, once I get everything transferred over to it.

7. I forgot to mention this sweet post by Lindsay over at the Pleated Poppy around Thanksgiving. She talks about how her daughter’s prayers always include a ‘thank you for x, because it could be worse.’ Putting life into perspective and realizing how lucky you are is a sure fire way to make your day a touch happier. I think I need this reminder plastered to my bedroom wall, seriously.

8. Very cute, FREE, printable invites for your Holiday Celebration found here at The Sweetest Occasion

9. Drooling over the new spring line for J Crew. Are you?

10. A bowl of warm oatmeal and a yummy cup of coffee is calling my name right now, in addition to this little man below. Snot and all!