ten on tuesday

1. I'm sure most of us spent last Friday and much of the weekend watching updates about the Japan earthquake and resulting tsunami.  The images are heartbreaking, and what makes me even more sad is that this could happen again, and even closer to home. 2. If you are the giving type, donations can be made to Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief by texting REDCROSS to 90999 for a $10 donation.

3. Just when I thought I'd seen every video and heard every tidbit of news about the earthquake, I came across these startling facts, including that the earth's axis moved 10 inches!  Crazy.

4. In less important news, last Friday I became fed up with the current hosting service I was using for my website.  I had heard too many times that people weren't able to load it during peak internet usage times.  So I carefully transferred everything over to a new hosting service and so far I love them.  Excellent customer service (i may have used their free live chat feature 6 times during the transfer) and from what I can tell, it's much faster.  If you have problems loading the site or it starts to slow down, please, please let me know.

5. I'm really picky when it comes to wrapping paper.  How odd is that?  Anyways, when I came across this universal wrapping paper in the form of a crossword puzzle, I did a little dance in my chair.  Then I made a sad face when I discovered that it's not for sale.  :( 

6. Letting myself dream a little bit about spring by purchasing this skirt from Old Navy.  Anyone else dying to break out the sandals and skirts as bad as I am?

7. Luckily my dream isn't too far away since we'll be flirting with temperatures in the 50s for a couple of days here in southern Minnesota! Maybe not skirt weather, but I'll take it.

8. If you are a parent of young children, listen to this song/read the lyrics.  Beau showed it to me this past weekend and I fell in love.  I know some people hate country music, I used to dislike it as well, but recently I've realized how great the song lyrics are for so many of them.  Give it a chance.

9. Last night I played the very strategic game of Pass the Pigs last night. If you've ever played, hopefully you caught my sarcasm there, but actually, it was sort of fun. Worth checking out. Of course, we pulled out my all time favorite, Phase 10, as well. It's been sitting in our closet for at least 2 years, calculated by the fact that we surely haven't played it since I found out I was pregnant, and it was due time to have another fun game night.

10. Unfortunately, #9 kept us up until past 1am last night, and a little boy in our house still decided to wake up with the sun this morning. So I'm off to hopefully catch a few minutes of shuteye before he wakes up from his morning nap. Happy Tuesday!