ten on tuesday

1. I’ve been dying to hear Ephram speak the word ‘mama’, just as every mother does, I’m sure. But now that he seemingly has learned it, I’m just hoping he’ll someday say it without crying. I mean, really. Is that too much to ask? 2. He’s been doing a lot of crying, apparently only for me. I can’t shower without Ephram crying ‘mamamama’ and attempting to follow me into the bathroom. Even with daddy’s full attention, showing him every toy we own, he wants his ‘mamamama’. I’m really trying to be patient since I know someday he’ll grow out of this and I’ll be yearning for the days when I was his favorite person in the whole world.

3. The funny thing is, I had always hoped for a girl, fearing that if we had a baby boy, he’d be a daddy’s boy automatically. Just goes to show, you never know what you’ll get.

4. Anyone attempting a ‘Photo A Day’ project that I don’t know about? It seems Erin has really inspired a lot of people to attempt it and I love seeing everyone’s pictures. Here are a few I’m following and love: Christy, Lyndsay, and Erin of course. (By the way, if anyone is interested in setting up theirs similar to the Typepad theme but is currently using a WordPress for their blog, I’ve made a modified version for WordPress blogs and am willing to share! – just email me | donyaluana@gmail.com)

5. I always procrastinate on big projects. Not because I’m lazy (okay, maybe just a little bit), but more so because I don’t want to do it wrong or end up failing in my attempts. Our bedroom has been a big project that I’ve put off for nearly 3 years. But no longer! Nope, as I type, Beau is priming the walls for new paint. I’m very scared that the colors I chose will be too dark, but I don’t care any longer. I want something new, even if it’s horrible. As Beau said, “we can always paint again.” You never know until you try, right? I posted a ‘before’ photo of the bedroom as my Picture A Day – all torn up just before we starting priming this morning.

6. In other home improvement projects, I’m thinking these would be the perfect (and cheap) addition to Ephram’s room. I’m a little tired of having scattered books on his floor all the time. They need a home.

7. And speaking of Ikea, just found their Ikea Family Live site for ideas and inspiration today, just in case you are a decor freak like me.

8. I’m working on ’10 Reasons I Love You’ book for Ephram’s birthday using the idea from Ali Edwards. Excited to share once I have it printed.

9. I received so many cute Christmas Cards in the mail this year. I swear that it may be my favorite part of Christmas. Ok, maybe it’s a close second to the cookies. Though this is not one I received, I absolutely love the cards that Nicole‘s family sends out each year. She just shared this year’s Christmas’s card today. What an adorable idea.

10. Lastly, I wanted to pass on this blog post I read last week about beliefs of Santa and God. I totally and completely respect others’ beliefs (as long as their belief means no harm to me), but personally, I absolutely agree with this father’s approach to raising his children to believe in Santa and God, and allowing them to discover the truth as they grow up. Whatever truth that may be. Brilliant read.