ten on tuesday

1. Sleep. Today was all about sleep. I declared it pajama day for Ephram and I while Beau worked a 12 hour shift, though I was the only one who stayed in their pajamas. I work at 10pm tonight, so I napped whenever Ephram napped. Which only amounted to 2.5 hours. Coffee will be my best friend tonight. 2. In other news from today, Ephram is totally and completely into his little cars. He pushes them all over the living room normally, but today he brought one into the kitchen, then into the dining room, and back into the playroom living room. I love seeing him entertain himself so much.

3. After emailing Beau yesterday that I would make a frozen pizza for our dinner, I found myself searching the fridge and freezer for something that would be a bit more fun to cook. If you know me, this is a huge step in the right direction. Me, wanting to cook? Wanting to cook something that takes more effort than a frozen pizza? Yeah, I’m astonished as well.

4. Don’t be too amazed by #4 though, because instead of pizza I opted for frozen fish and potato wedges. But to my credit, we didn’t have much to pick from.

5. Though this recipe for Egg Salad looks too enticing to pass up. Yes, it’s just normal Egg Salad, but upon seeing it today, I have it stuck in my head that I just have to make it. I must start small if I truly want to begin making more actual meals (that don’t just consist of something from the freezer that I stick in the oven), right?

6. Any easy and healthy recipes that you’ve tried and think that I might be able to master?

7. The bedroom makeover is still ongoing. We did finish painting, and re-painting, since the original gray I choose was indeed much darker than I had anticipated. We also got a new light fixture. I’ll post pictures once we have completely finished, but for now, go check out this awesome couple and their new house. Their old house was amazing and they are already making awesome changes to their new home.

8. I cannot believe that Ephram’s first birthday is less than 2 months away. I really need to start party planning for this first birthday event. I fell in love with the party Casey threw for her son, but I know there is no way I could even come close to a cute party like that. Wow.

9. Wasn’t it just yesterday that Ephram was snuggled up in my arms, yawning and taking in this new scenery?

10. I wasn’t planning on ordering the ’10 Reasons I Love You’ book that I mentioned last week until closer to Ephram’s birthday. But I just realized that Shutterfly has got a sale going on until tomorrow on Photo Books that I might just have to take them up on. We’ll see if Ephram allows me enough computer time tomorrow in order to finish the project up!