ten on tuesday

1. Okay, after last weeks wimpy attempt at putting slightly more effort into cooking a dinner, I spent quite a bit of time searching for easy, yet healthy (or somewhat healthy) recipes. I stumbled upon tastespotting.com, which then lead me to a wonderful website: goodlifeeats.com However, I’ve only had time to make one recipe. And I ruined it by adding red onion instead of green onion. I’m learning. I give myself at least some credit for that. 2. Tonight is Ephram’s first swim class! Actually, it’s just called Water Babies, not swim class. It’s more like a put-baby-in-water-because-he’ll-likely-squeal-with-delight class. At least that’s what I’m expecting out of Ephram. He’ll be attending with his older cousin, Zach which is another fun reason for the swim class. I’ve been waiting patiently for Ephram to reach the required 9 month mark for the class and yet it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when my sister in law mentioned her lack of excitement over wearing a swimsuit during the class, that I realized I’d be wearing a swimsuit as well! How did that tiny, obvious detail never cross my mind? Good thing I’ve been working on my crunches. Once a month counts, right?

3. Have you heard of Pinterest? I just dove in a few weeks ago. I have inspiration folders on my computer and a binder full of Pottery Barn clippings, but this is a genius way to find and save images you find inspiring and lovely in one place. And they make it very easy to organize and share your findings. If you need an invite, just email me. I’m not sure how many I’m limited to but I’ll send them out as long as I have them. Please join! You can find my Pinterest boards here.

4. If you’ve ever wondered what I carry in my camera bag, I’ve added a tab on the left side linking to some of the products via Amazon.

5. For the ongoing bedroom-redo project, I picked out some paint chips I might like for our dresser. I want to add a pop of color against the gray walls. I’m leaning towards a vintagy-dandelion yellow, though a poppy orange would be wonderful as well. I was a little nervous about adding such a bright object into the room, but then just this week Elise blogged her new turquoise dresser and it gave me just the extra push I needed to be alright with a bold colored dresser. Now, I just need to find some free time when Ephram is sleeping and I’m not working or attempting to catch up on sleep from overnight shifts.

6. We actually had planned on having a bit of that thing they call free time (aka, Ephram-less time) this past weekend, but the water heater nearly exploded! Then, after Beau furiously attempted to shut off the power and water to said heater, he found the water softener was broken as well and was leaking water into the basement play area. How wonderful, right? Well instead of having some free time to paint the dresser and work on the bedroom, Beau and his brothers and dad ended up installing an all new water heater and Water Boss (which is supposed to be incredibly cool in the world of water softeners). All I know is that things look a lot prettier and less 26-years-old-and-corroded down in our laundry room.

7. In other home renovation news, I’m flirting with the idea of painting all the trim (baseboards, windows, doors, basement ledge, stairway) white. Everything. When we first moved into the house, and pretty much had to start from scratch, I really wanted to do this. But we ended up choosing to just replace the baseboards, with matching wood, instead of taking the extra time to paint everything white. But after living with the wood for nearly three years and admiring the white trim in all the Pottery Barn magazines for even longer than that, I think I’m ready to spend the time. Just remind me of that mid-Summer when I’m only half done.

8. Scratch that, just cross your fingers for me that I’m even half way done by the end of Summer.

9. I swear I know about 25 women who are currently pregnant. Isn’t that crazy? I guess it comes with the age. But don’t be surprised if the baby fever hits here. No, I don’t mean in my belly, I mean pictures, of course!

10. Since taking the photos in yesterday’s post, Ephram has already begun sprouting a 4th tooth! Just barely, but my mom caught a glimpse of white just beneath the gums this past Saturday.