ten on tuesday

1. Gmail users: Was anyone else thrown off a bit last week when Google replaced the Reader link with a Photos link? Speaking as a person who uses Google Reader daily, is it true that RSS feeds are dying? Am I in the dark here? Or might it just be that people are using Twitter and Facebook more to find out about new posts on blogs? I’m curious what you do. 2. A sinus bug snuck into our house last week and has decided to become a permanent resident. Seriously, I’m on day 11 or 12 of blowing my nose and coughing, though luckily the stuffy nose part has passed. I think the worst is over, but Ephram is still sporting the most goobery booger nose you’ve ever seen. And to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s due to the sinus cold or the FOUR teeth cutting through his top gums. Poor guy has been a mess. (and has been napping for 2.5 hour so far this morning – woot!)

3. Can I just say, “it’s about time!” to this article about Apple’s possible new plans? They really know how to make life easier. (I still can’t believe I’m speaking these words since I used to despise Apple, but they truly do make stellar products these days. Though don’t expect me to ditch my PC for a Mac anytime soon. At least for now.)

4. Since half the country seems to be receiving some dose of winter this week, I think a post featuring the cutest, funniest, and most clever mittens is in order.

5. This Snowball Fight Survival Kit might also put a little smile on your face (or of a little person you love)

6. Speaking of the awfulness we call Winter, are you interested in more details of our trip to Florida? We’re heading to Naples. Anyone have any suggestions on what to see, do, eat there? Beau and I and my TripDeck Itinerary iPhone app (I truly have turned into an Apple lover) are all ears. (I didn’t forget Ephram, he is staying home so that we can have some real meals, actual conversations, and just sit and relax)

7. Seven days away from my baby boy may just about kill me. But I’ll be doing my best to enjoy what might be titled ‘The Most Freedom I’ve Had in 11 Months’.

8. Not only is Ephram showing very early signs of speaking actual words, he’s started waving! He tends to practice at the most unusual times. My favorite so far? 1am when I let him sleep in my bed last Thursday. He sat up and began to wave. For the record, he thought he was being quite funny as he did it.

9. I must say thanks for Joyce for letting me know about a bug in my comments this week, giving anyone who attempted to comment an error message. I was messing with code (i’m a meteorologist, not a coder…) and I somehow screwed it all up. But I think it’s all fixed now, so comment away! Also, go check out Joyce’s adorable daughter. Just two weeks younger than Ephram!

10. A Ten on Tuesday full of linky goodness! Go explore!