Ten on Tuesday (Cabin Edition)

A trip to Beau's parents' cabin and the amount of care our backyard plants were begging for when we returned has kept me busy, but I'm back for Ten on Tuesday! Since any spare moments on my computer in the past couple of days have been dedicated to sorting through the photos I took while up north, I've dedicated this Tuesday to the reasons I love the cabin. Which have nearly tripled with the new boy addition to our family.

1. Relaxing on the pontoon.  I think if you asked any member of Beau's family, relaxing on the pontoon and trolling the shores of the lake is one of their favorite parts of the cabin.  The lake is fairly deserted most of the time, but we are always accompanied by the loons.  The eagles.  The ducks.  I love it all.

2. Ephram's love for the boat is great.  While we did visit the cabin once last year, Ephram was a bit too young to appreciate getting out on the water and understand how it differed from being on land.  But this year, he was all about looking over the side of the boat at the water, admiring the engine, steering the wheel, and sitting on our laps and just enjoying the view.

3. Sticks and rocks are instant toys when you are a 15 month old. If they are covered in dirt, it's only a bonus.

4. The sun woke Ephram up at 5:30 am each day, but we have a wonderful routine of grabbing a small breakfast for Ephram, making coffee or tea, and heading out for a morning boat ride on the calm lake.  I may whine just a bit when I hear Ephram start rustling in his crib, but I really am (and always have been) a fan of getting up early in the morning to enjoy the best and most relaxing part of the day.

5. The sandbar.  In the middle of the lake is a shallow area of sand, which has been exposed in the recent  years due to a drought.  We refer to it as the sandbar and it's the perfect spot to swim.

6. Ephram loved the sandbar.  LOVED. You know, because there are numerous rocks and sticks there.  He almost collected them all.  Almost.

7. And then he collected more rocks and sticks back at the cabin before dinners.

8. I didn't include a photo of the campfire, but we did have one briefly before heading to bed on our last night.  (A certain curious toddler, who wakes up at 5:30 am, wore us out.)

9. Dinners at the cabin are always delicious.  Actually, any meal at the cabin is always delicious.  The last night we ate steak and potatoes and 'Hayward Bread' (bread from the local bakery).  Oh, and strawberries.  Best dinner ever.

10. Seeing my adorable, smart, growing, chubby, happy boy dreaming in the backseat on the way home.