Ten on Tuesday (or Wednesday)

1. When Monday is a holiday, and garbage pick up day is Tuesday, our garbage usually doesn't get picked up until Wednesday. The same is apparently true with Ten on Tuesday this week as well. So never mind the fact that it's actually Wednesday. 2. Today is also sort of like Thursday for us because we took Friday off this week so we can enjoy a full weekend at the cabin. Yay!

3. Did I confuse you enough with all of my pseudo days of the week yet?

4. Ephram was apparently awesome (overall) at the cabin last weekend when he went up with Beau. It was hard to stay home and work, but thanks to technology, I was sent photos periodically throughout the weekend of my sweet boy. Adorable photos like these:

5. While the boys were gone, I made almond butter. Discovered on the Little Red House blog by Sheena Jibson, I was immediately intrigued by the ease and supposed deliciousness. Guess what, she was right. I've been having toast with almond butter all week for breakfast and even added it to my smoothie yesterday.

6. How did I never think of separating a batch of cookie dough into several batches before? Genius.

7. I'll be tucking this Father's Day gift idea away for a couple years, but I figured I'd share it with you. (And if you're name is Beau and you are reading this blog, don't even think about clicking that link!)

8. Many of the southern states have seen unbelievable weather related destruction this Spring and there are a number of ways to donate to them. But if you are a photographer, head on over to The Momtog’s Soul 4 the South fundraiser for an opportunity to win awesome prizes and help those in need at the same time.

9. Whether you are pro-choice or not, this is a good story to read about a woman’s unfortunate experience.

10. Just in case you aren't a Google Reader user and would rather not check the blog periodically to see if I've blogged, you can now subscribe to the blog via email! Yep, all 5 of you that actually read this thing :)