Ten (or eight) on Tuesday

1. Today's Ten on Tuesday is not exciting. You've been given fair warning. 2. I'm deep in the search for a daycare to bring Ephram to. At the beginning of my search, I was so focused on finding someone who would be flexible with a crazy-rotating-shift-meteorologist schedule that I didn't even consider that I might not like the daycare providers. Nor did I think I'd start Facebook searching them to get an inside look at them. Suffice it to say, there have been some that I am not fans of.

3. The good news is that I have a really good feeling about one I'm meeting with next week. Cross your fingers for me that she's as good as she seemed on the phone (and on Facebook ;) ).

4. In addition to all this searching, it's one of those fantastic weeks where I work 10pm-6am and then stay up with Ephram all day until Beau comes home (or in this week's case, I bring Ephram to Beau's mom's for a bit) so I can sleep before I work again at 10pm.

5. Ephram has lengthened his morning naps from 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes the past two days. This may be the highlight of my week. The fact that all three of us are fighting off a head cold is definitely not.

6. Beau is liking his new job, but is still getting used to always having real weekends off and commuting to work in actual traffic.

7. Shopping this past weekend was a rude awakening into what a "normal" job brings. We used to have a rule about not shopping at the Mall of America on weekends since we could easily wait for a weekday we had off instead. But with Beau's new job, we ended up visiting Ikea this past Saturday. We could barely find a parking spot, the whole way around the showrooms we felt like a heard of cows, and never really got to stop and look at stuff. Probably the reason I only spent $10! But really, people do that every weekend? I guess I won't fuss too much about having random weekdays off anymore. (at least until I'm stuck working the weekend while Beau and Ephram visit the cabin without me... *sad face* )

7. Goals for the week (other than getting a sufficient amount of sleep and finding an awesome daycare provider): new business cards from moo.com, seriously order Ephram's '10 Reasons I Love You' book (finally), and eating as many fruit smoothies as possible!

8. Ephram has been just the sweetest boy this week (picture below is proof).

He also just laid down for an afternoon nap, which is my cue to go catch a couple hours of sleep myself. Later!