The Backyard - Part 2


The Hard Part: We debated back and forth in our heads for a couple of weeks on what we would use to create the patio and finally decided upon crushed rock for a number of reasons.  Money and ease being two of them.  Though it still definitely wasn't easy.  At least for Beau.  While Ephram and I enjoyed snack time in the sun, Beau shoveled the heavy (and wet from recent rain) crushed rock from the driveway to the backyard.  Next time, I think we'd be a little less concerned with the lawn and would have had them back up right to the back yard and dump the rock there, instead of on the driveway.

This part of the project, and these photos, are back from mid-April when Ephram wasn't quite a pro at walking through the slanted grassy area next to our house.  But he also didn't want to miss out watching daddy haul the rock back and forth from the front yard to the back yard.  So E and I would hold hands, and toddle along to watch.

But after a few days of shoveling, and moving it around, we had a relatively flat surface to put the above ground firepit and chairs.

Of course, anything adult sized that Beau and I use, Ephram develops an obsession with.  So he helped out as well.

And the house behind Ephram in the photos below is now blocked by a brand new fence our neighbor had installed last week.  No, she doesn't hate us.  She just acquired two new dogs and wanted an area for them to run free without needing a leash.  But it's nice for a little privacy as well.