The Backyard - Part 3


Planting - I have to back up a bit with this post.  Ever since Beau and I moved in together, a tiny apartment during college, Beau has grown plants. Like I mentioned before, the tropical ones are his favorite; Hibiscus specifically. And in the three years since we bought our house, we've added bushes and trees and flowers and vegetables gardens to our yard, but it didn't feel complete. Last year, Beau experimented with several hardy hibiscus plants.  Plants that can be planted here in Minnesota, produce humongous flowers (the size of paper plates!), and return the following year. In the late Summer, he gathered the seedpods and saved them over the winter. A recent trip to Florida resulted in even more gathered seeds, and when we returned, he began to grow them in trays under growing lights in our basement.

Beau is officially the planter of this household. I'm the weeder (and photographer, of course). We're a good team. Ephram was in bed for this part of the project.  The baby plants above (early-March) are the same ones Beau is planting around the patio in the photos below (mid-May). He has assured me that the hearty hibiscus hybrids will look crazy awesome once they grow taller later this Summer. And we've added Cannas around the patio as well.

And the veggie gardens (the rectangles to the right of Beau) have officially been planted as well.  Including peppers, tomatoes of all kinds, beans, peas, etc. Oh, and see the new fence behind our patio area? Yay for a bit of privacy and not in our expense.

Starting to feel a little more complete. Don't you think?