the heart


Our trip to Naples was sort of a mix of a lot of different things. From fancy 5th Avenue and the busy Naples Pier to the Everglades. This post shows a little bit of 5th Avenue, the heart of Naples. We parked here the first morning and got coffee before walking on to the beach (the first thing you must always do when visiting Florida – go to the beach). It’s surrounded by the beautiful houses I showed previously, and like I said before, lined with fancy shops and restaurants. We ate at McCabe’s Irish Pub and Grill for lunch that first day, and Cafe Luna one night, but most of the restaurants were out of our price range (we chose Cafe Luna bc of their 2 Dinners + 1 Bottle of Wine for $30 deal and, let’s just say, it tasted like it cost that much too). Sidenote: Later we found 3rd Street, which is another street lined with upscale restaurants, and were even more out of our price range, but looked amazing.

The second day started out rainy, so we hung out at 5th Avenue Coffee Co. and people watched while having breakfast under an umbrella on the patio. If I were rich, I think I’d do that just about everyday of my life. Just meet up with friends and have coffee and breakfast on 5th Ave in Naples. Peaceful, delicious, relaxing. Everything a morning should be. At least when you are on vacation. Or retired. I not so secretly wish I lived in a place where flowers bloom along the sidewalks in February.