The New House : Before : Part One


Today is moving day! I have no idea when I'll get around to posting "after" photos. With a toddler and a baby on the way, I'm sure the painting process will take awhile. I'm perfectly okay with that though, and it will likely be an ongoing project for years to turn this house into the home we want it to be. This post took me far too much time to pull together, but in reality, the house is all that's been on my mind lately anyways. I'm sure my plans for each room will change and evolve with time, especially as we settle in to the house and change our minds on certain aspects of the house, but these are the images floating around in my head right now, so I thought I'd share!

Being a new home, there isn't a ton of work needed in the front of the house. There will be two new Live Oaks planted by the builders soon, and the lawn needs some watering, but other than that, I don't have any big plans out here. On the other hand, I'm sure my husband, the gardener, does. The backyard will be his main focus for quite awhile though.

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The entryway is great. Like the inpiration photos, I'm hoping to find a great piece of furniture to serve as an anchor for a medium sized mirror and a nice spot for a plant and a few photos. Our previous home was a split-entry and I think I'll really enjoy having more room as guests enter the house. But, more room here can also mean wasted space. Especially since we'll be primarily using the door from the garage and not this door. So in order to keep the space functional, the piece of furniture I choose will hopefully serve as extra storage for our office (which is actually a dining room), just off to the left of the above photo.

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Turning 180 degrees from the entryway, this is your view. For some reason, I think I'm most excited about this little space. I'm not sure what it's real purpose is supposed to be, but I call it the mini-mudroom and I immediately knew it would be great spot for hanging purses, jackets, backpacks, Ephram's library bag, or a diaper bag. Along with a spot for keys, shoes, wallets, etc. It's hard to see it in the top left photo, but just beyond this little space is a door that leads to the garage, so this should be a great catchall spot. I've fallen in love with the board and batten look (in the middle inspiration photo) and if I could make it happen with the wave of a wand, I'd probably do it throughout 75% of the house. But we'll start here and see how it goes.

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The office is really a dining room, but in a 3 bedroom house with (soon to be) 4 people in the family, this is what will work for us. I don't have any real definite ideas in here, other than anything that will keep it easily looking clean and organized - since it's right next to the entryway and all guests will see it. Beau and I bought matching desks and desk lamps right before we moved, so that's our starting point. The evolution of this room will be interesting.

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I know it's just a laundry room, but I'm still hoping to make it look nice. Our old laundry room was in the utility room basement, and always stunk like cat liter... So this one is a breathe of fresh air in comparison. I'm pretty excited about it.

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Oh, the kitchen. It's a really nice kitchen; granite countertops, nice cabinets, but not 100% my style. It's growing on me, and hopefully will continue to as we live with it for awhile. The stainless steel appliances make the kitchen beautiful, but I don't have a photo of it yet. Right now I'm headed in a turquoise and coral direction.

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We already have brown leather couches and dark end tables. So mostly I'm hoping to add pops of color throughout the living room through pillows and art. We gave away our tv stand when we moved, and I've always wanted to wall mount our tv, so figuring out how to do that along with finding storage for some toys will be my main focus in here, I think. The door and windows you see, opposite the kitchen side, lead to the backyard.

Okay, that's enough for now. I'll post the bedrooms and bathrooms and backyard in part two!