The Saddest Day for my iPhone & Other Bits


"Mama wash Blue Blankie?" It all started there.

"Sure Buddy. Let's go get the clothes from my closet to wash with it as well."

Why did I not remember that I'd left my iPhone in my pocket when I quickly undressed and hopped into the shower after a sweaty morning walk? I have no idea. But I did remember 25.4 seconds after starting the wash and immediately stopped the machine and searched for my phone. Unfortunately, enough water had crept in that it did damage. My poor iPhone's home button is broken for good, I think. And the screen shows visible water marks underneath. Even after a day of sitting in rice and the occasional blow dryer on low heat, nothing has changed.

The even more unfortunate thing is that my option of getting a new phone is muddled by the fact that I'd be roped into another 2 year contract with an iPhone 4s when the release of the iPhone 5 is just months away. So instead of getting a new phone, I may be going iPhone-less for a few months (or doing what I can with a water-damaged iPhone).

*big sigh*

I have an iPad still. This is not the end of the world. (Not. Even. Close. - It's just a phone.) And possibly this will force me to use my DSLR camera more!?

All I know is that I have yet another big reason to look forward to October.

So in the spirit of my damaged iPhone, here's a few photos I was planning on sharing today anyways. I've been bit by the craft bug. After painting Ephram's room and grabbing a few things at Ikea last weekend, I've been motivated to fill up our walls with art and photos. No room is safe. The laundry room has new artwork and organizing rail. The kitchen wall has shelves and a couple paintings. A stack of frames are ready to be hung in some way, shape or form on the living room wall. And even the baby's room is beginning to come together in my head (very slowly) with a fabric purchase.

And of course, my ever stubborn toddler who has been fighting naps like crazy the past couple weeks. Half the time he seems to fall asleep on the floor mid-play. The other half he ends up singing, talking and playing all by himself. But when he doesn't nap, he inevitably becomes tired. Last week he fell asleep during a 5 minute drive to get ice cream and we could barely wake him up. This week he fell asleep a little after 6pm on daddy's lap - something he hasn't done in at least a year. Stubborn. Boy.