the UPS man

Who doesn't love looking at the UPS tracker website, anxiously watching where you package is? With most orders I am constantly updating the webpage, or checking it everytime I'm seated at my computer, to watch for each new scan of my package and its current location. Well with my printing company, located so near my home, it goes straight to it's last UPS checkpoint and into the truck, so I don't get to watch the tracker page quite as much as normal, but it's still fun to see it update with the exact time it gets delivered at my front step. Anyways, Tuesday and Wednesday I had a 2 busy stretches at work, with a short 5 hour period of sleep at my dad's home nearby to avoid traveling in a winter storm in the middle. I was so busy at work I didn't even check the UPS page once to see if it had arrived. And due to the winter storm, I had already prepared myself for the fact that UPS might not get to my house until Thursday. Well sure enough, UPS delivered my package in time for my arrival at home and I was able to immediately open. Inside, our Christmas cards! I am so excited to send them out, I even addressed most of the envelopes last night while watching Glee. Hopefully I'll have them all ready to go by tomorrow when the mailman comes by, but here's a sneak peek. I'll post a non-blurry image closer to Christmas, but I don't want to ruin the surprise for family and friends.



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