red stripes.

My little boy is already 5.5 months (nearly 6!) and I'm here to say, it really does just keep getting better. He smiles all the time, his personality is showing through more everyday, he's interested in our food and even shared a banana with me yesterday, he loves the cats, jumps all the time, even in our laps, and squeals with excitement. It's unbelievable to look back at his newborn photos and believe it's the same little guy. I've been trying to take at least a daily photo of him on my phone, but every week or so I attempt at grabbing a few "real" photos of him as well. This is one of my favorite outfits for him. Got it from Baby Gap with a gift card (why buy clothes for myself when there are adorable onesies on clearance for him?). And later this day, he ended up staining it with squash (thank god for OxyClean!). We headed downstairs for some carpet playing where the light is nearly perfect.

More pictures are over at Ephram's blog.

Ephram | 5.5 MonthsEphram | 5.5 Months