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Beau and I have been on opposite shifts all week since we've been back from Florida, and I can't wait for Monday when we have a day off together again, BUT it is really nice having the whole day to myself and being able to work on projects.

I had a small to do list today, and two of the things on it were:



I had waited all week long to do laundry since I never had the motivation to do it all in one morning before work.  Plus, I like to keep little projects like this until my days off since they help me feel productive.  I know, it sounds weird, but even when I'm kept busy with things I want to do, I start feeling unproductive when I'm away from work.

And you should know, I'm the worst cook ever... so this dinner task is quite a big one.  I had to email Beau 4-5 times to make sure I was doing it right.  I even took a picture with my blackberry, and sent it to him... bc, like I said, I suck at cooking.  But...

it turned out great!! It was edible and Beau even seemed to like it! (Hmm.. maybe I could actually make a birthday cake next week for Beau's birthday?)

Pictures from today:

Before and After Laundry (and yes, both times I took the pictures, the cats followed me and stared at my like, 'why are you taking pictures of the clothes?'  And you may be asking as well.  The answer: I just wanted to use my camera on something! ps. more pictures tomorrow of the cats

And the wonderful meal we had for dinner. Nothing too special, but we (mostly me) were very excited to have some squash!

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