Tuesday Odds & Ends #1


Happy Tuesday! Did you know this is a special Tuesday? No?! Well it is.

Why, you ask? Well, today is the first day of Tuesday Odds & Ends on the blog! You see, I have a lot of random thoughts throughout the day, and they need to go somewhere. So each Tuesday I’ll group them on the blog. And if you are feeling random with me, go ahead and leave a little tidbit about yourself or your life too!

Ok, here we go.

You know those songs that instantly remind you of someone when you hear it? Well during a recent overnight shift the song Snow (Hey Oh) y the Red Hot Chili Peppers came on the radio and it instantly brought me back about 4 or 5 years to a memory of singing this song over and over with my (now) brother in law, Blake. If no one ever successfully creates a time machine, I guess there's always music!

I live with a toddler, so it goes without saying that our home is rarely ever spotless. Or even close to spotless. Since a really messy house puts my whole head in a fog, Beau and I have come up with a little way to bring some sanity back to our household. Occasionally, usually on the weekends, we now have what we call ‘the power hour clean up.’ The key component lies in the ability to clean with four adult hands, faster than two little hands can destroy. As long as our hands outnumber the little ones, I think it will keep working!

WARNING: If you ride in my car during the Winter months, I likely won’t turn the heat off until it feels like a sauna in there. What can I say, this Arizona-born girl likes it hot!

Taylor Swift remains one of my favorite artists to date. I know many of her fans get sick of how overplayed she is on the radio, but I think I’d have to listen to a single song on replay for a whole year before it lost it’s spark for me. Seriously. I had probably already listened to her newest single, Ours a few hundred times before it was even released on the radio, and the video is making me love it even more.

Speaking of things never getting old, I ate a hard-boiled egg sandwich for lunch four days in a row last week. This was my go-to breakfast back in high school. So ya, to reiterate my point above, I don’t get sick of things I love very easily.

Yesterday was a day of determination for me. Ever have those days? Well you may have read my confession yesterday about an awful soup dinner I attempted a couple weeks ago. Seriously, I’m learning, but somedays I still seem to be the worst cook on the planet. Anyways, I was de.ter.mined to get it right. And get this, I actually pulled it off this time. Definitely check out Panera Bread's Broccoli Cheese Soup. Beau finished his entire cup of soup before I even sat down to have mine - it was that good... Aaand, because I decided it was picture-worthy and couldn't sit down before documenting it. So I leave with you a picture of last night's dinner.

And don't forget to share an Odd or End about you!