Tuesday Odds & Ends #10


- Easter was our first official holiday away from our families. Since it was just us, we stuck to the basics with a small ham and a big batch of Beau's famous cheesy potatoes. Oh, and pumpkin cookies. Just because. I think it was a perfect practice holiday for when the bigger holidays come along. We do hope to travel home for some holidays in the future, but I know that between buying a home and having a second baby, we'll be spending most of them down here. - Speaking of finding a house, I would give you a detailed update, but it changes daily. We do have our sights on a recently built home in a nearby development right now, but it's all a waiting game to see how everything will pan out. I really, really hope I have good news to share soon - with pictures of course. I've got a nursery to decorate!

- I reunited with Pinterest this weekend. Partly because my house decorating/planning desires are becoming too large to ignore. But mostly because I finally can look at food without feeling nauseous again. So now I'm back to pinning delicious recipes and adorable home ideas all the time. Yep, I'm definitely feeling more like myself in this second trimester.

- I'm a long-time user of Google Calendar and TeuxDeux, but there is just something about writing out to-do lists and sketching out ideas on paper that I love. I constantly have sheets of paper with doodles and ideas scratched all over them. But after finding this Paper app in the app store this week, I might be using random sheets of paper a little less. We'll see how it goes. It's definitely a cool app.

- Now that Ephram has mastered his colors, he's determined to learn letters and numbers. Scout's Fridge Phonics has been a huge help for him. Way more help than this mama who tried to tell him that O was the first letter in Orange. He quickly corrected me because the O from his Fridge Phonics was Red, not Orange. Duh, mom.

- Mr. Ephram has also been reminding me to stop and smell the roses more often. Literally. Our apartment has bright pink roses at the bottom of our staircase and his new favorite activity is to smell them. 'Smell Good!' he says. Yesterday he was getting a little too close though and we had to have a talk about thorns. :)

Happy Tuesday!