Tuesday Odds & Ends #12


We move into the new house this week! In the past couple of weeks, Ephram has started saying "most home!", meaning almost home, at the first sight of our apartments as we return home from wherever we've been. It's super adorable. On Saturday, we took a day trip down to Corpus Christi (which was super nice) and on our way back Beau asked me, "Should we spin by the new house?" to which I always answer yes. As we entered the neighborhood, Ephram started saying, "most home! Mama, milk please?" and it made me so happy. Too bad the new house doesn't have milk in it yet. On Sunday we discovered a cute Soda Fountain and Cafe called Another Time in downtown Rosenberg, our new town southwest of Houston. The ice cream was excellent and the atmosphere was awesome. It might have been the first time I felt a vibe similar to our old, small town, Northfield coffee shop that we visited so regularly. Other than the people, I think that coffee shop (and the walk we used to take at least a couple times each week to get there) is near the top of things I miss from Minnesota. So finding something that brought that small-town-in-the-country feel back to me was a very good thing.

Ever thought of videoing your child for a few moments every week from birth to age 12? Ya, I wish I'd thought of it too. So cool. (thanks for sharing, Stacy!)

I'm not sure if I'll ever get Ephram interested in coloring enough to get a collection of artwork going from him, though I'll continue to wish until I do. If you've got a stack of adorable artwork from your little ones, definitely check out the new photobook template by Paislee Press.

Now that we'll soon have a backyard for Ephram to play in once again, and swingsets are looking expensive and large for our space, I'm thinking a water table might be a perfect activity for a toddler who loves water. If you've got any recommendations on water tables or any outdoor toddler toys, I'd love to hear. This Sand & Water Farm (with a train!) might be too perfect for Ephram.

For all of you in the northern states who've been jealous of our outdoor adventures lately, I'm here to tell you that the first real stretch of heat and humidity will begin for us tomorrow/Thursday. I'm probably not ready for it, but these first 4 months in Houston have been gorgeous, so I feel I shouldn't complain when the humidity does begin for the summer. I'm still really curious what the summer will be like. If Houston's January felt like Minnesota's April, and Houston's April felt like Minnesota's July, what will Houston's July compare with? I still say that staying inside during much of the Summer can't be any worse than staying inside during the long Minnesota Winter. Though you won't see this in the Minnesota Winter. ;)