Tuesday Odds & Ends #13


First off, thanks for all the house love last week! Everything is unpacked and we couldn't be more happy. Well, I guess I'll be even more happy once my frames are up on walls eventually, but for 4 days in, we're incredibly content with our new house. Ephram especially is enjoying the extra space to play. Oh, and have I mentioned that our dishwasher actually cleans dishes?! Sorry, apartment dishwasher, you just weren't cutting it. Sadly, our lizard, Francisco, was absent from our apartment deck on Tuesday and Wednesday as we made our move. I worry he may have become lunch to some pesky birds that had been eyeing him up all week. I sure hope he's not the last one we see this year. Anoles are just so cute!

I swear the universe is trying to tell me something. Lately, I've been surrounded by inspiring people getting their run on. I was so proud of myself last summer for working through the C25k program, but once Fall came I lost a lot of motivation for running. And then the Fall cold season came and I found myself wheezing and out of breathe less than a half mile in on any run I attempted. I actually still get the wheezing occasionally in the evenings, just while sitting and watching tv. Super fun, let me tell you. And this is even after one round of antibiotics for it (pre-pregnancy)! Anyways, I've decided that post-baby, I WILL be getting back to running. I love having something to look forward to, but in the mean time, feeling baby kicks isn't so bad.

Toddler speak is my new favorite hobby. I'm serious, who needs real hobbies when you can sit and listen to a toddler learn to talk all day long? The best quote from Ephram this week was last night as I let the water drain from the bath tub, "Water gone... I missing the bath!"

Did I mention how nice our new neighbors are yet? No?! Well the evidence now sits in my house: our first house-warming gift came yesterday from the loveliest (and also pregnant!) next door neighbor.