Tuesday Odds & Ends #14


My fingers are still crossed, but I have, so far, successfully avoided catching the cold both Ephram and Beau caught last week.  That's reason enough for a celebration in this household. So, my efforts towards potty training Ephram last week pretty much fell flat.  We're just going to have to wait.  But, there has been a slight epiphanie in the Gjerdingen household - if you sing Old McDonald to Ephram, he'll let you change his diaper struggle-free!  Man, if only I had come up with this thought about 4 months ago!  At least I'm no longer desperate to potty train him anymore and much more okay with waiting.

Though I normally wouldn't share a video of scraggly me, still in my pajamas and robe on a Sunday morning, this is just too cute not to share.  And I know several of Ephram's grandparents who would love to see this.  So, please ignore me in the video and give your full attention to the adorableness that is Ephram singing his alphabet.  And by his, I mean, his.

Casey of Paper + Twine shared the birth story of her second son yesterday and I was anxious to hear it.  She's actually from the area of Houston we now live in, and had her first son here in the US, but moved to Scotland around the same time we made our big move.  If you've ever been through a pregnancy in the US, I'm sure you'll find her experiences, and the differences, a little interesting.

If you are in the market for an awesome and unique looking iPhone case, definitely check out Kal's artwork on these cases via UnCommon.  So, so cool.

Did you see Justin Timberlake is now designing home decor items? I'm not sure what's cuter - him or those designs?

I couldn't find a Tuesday worthy photo to share today so I dug up one that never got blogged from last summer.

PS. In preparation for a new blog series here, I've got a question posted on the Facebook page that needs your response!