Tuesday Odds & Ends #15


Woops! posting this one a little late... While visiting the beach this past weekend, Ephram picked up a handful of soft, white-ish sand and exclaimed, "Snow!" This is either evidence of being away from Minnesota too long, or just the fact that I don't have enough photos from the beach printed and hung around the house yet. Probably both.

Thursday is my big ultrasound - the one that reveals the sex of baby #2. To say I'm excited is a bit understatement. I cannot wait to refer to Ephram's future sibling as a brother or sister finally. Of course, once we know, it will be time to finally start settling on a name for him or her. If it's a girl, we've totally got this covered. If it's a boy though, well, I fear we might not settle on a name until we are at the hospital.

I've gotten so many questions regarding how I've done my pregnancy series (both with pregnancy #1 and #2), so I'm planning a "how to" post for next week.

I'm so in love with this super simple photo-a-week project by the incredibly talented Erin Vey. Most people cringe at the thought of trying to keep up at such a committed project, but definitely read her method here. You just might want to give it a shot with your own children. Wouldn't you love to have something like that created with photos of you from your childhood?

Our friend Amanda is visiting us this week and before picking her up from the airport we told Ephram that Amanda would be visiting. He quickly shortened Amanda to Manda, which then became Santa (since they rhyme - sort of). It's been three days and he's still calling her Santa. (It's just too adorable to correct.) Between his snow/sand mix-up and this, Christmas could be a little confusing this year for him.

This past weekend Ephram was invited to a birthday party with a petting zoo! Serious. Emery, your 2nd birthday party will probably be one that Ephram remembers for a very long time. Though the animals might remember Ephram even longer. :)