Tuesday Odds & Ends #16


Thanks for all the great baby name suggestions last week! I'm about 90% decided upon one, and I just need to get Beau to the same level as me. It's not trendy, but not too crazy different. I'll share when we're 100% sure. So, it's no secret that I was sort of hoping for a girl this time around, but I'm not nearly as bummed as I thought I would be about having another boy. Primarily I think I'm relieved that I won't be tempted by adorable girls clothing for years to come now. Of course, after I realized this over the weekend, I then came across some adorable boy outfits online. Of course the outfits I fall in love with aren't just at Target or something. No, instead I stumble across the cutest stuff online (thanks Pinterest...) and then realize I can't just buy it and have it shipped. I guess an hour trip to H&M is in my future. Unfortunately, these sweet rain boots are only sold in New England!

If you haven't discovered HonestToddler on Twitter yet, you're in for some laughs. I swear it could pass as a narration of my days at home with Ephram. Especially this one, and this one, and this one. Okay, all of them.

For the first four months of the year I really feel like I slacked at making good, semi-healthy dinners. I mostly blame two things: moving/apartment living and an awful first trimester with pregnancy #2 (there were definitely a few especially bad weeks in there where fries and cookie dough were the only things that didn't make me want to throw up). But now that we are settling into our house and I've gotten my regular appetite back, I'm so glad to be cooking again. This week I have two recipes I want to try out in particular: Fettuccine with peas, asparagus, bacon - Baked Sweet & Sour Chicken

Over the weekend we visited the Alamo. San Antonio is so beautiful. These flowers are only a tiny bit of the beauty.