Tuesday Odds & Ends #18


My goodness, I can't believe it's already Tuesday. This week feels weirder than last week even though last week was the 4 day holiday week. Go figure. I am in love with Ephram's love for reading. At least, until he asks me to read the same book for the 7th time in a row. I'm sure it's a stage that will pass with time as he learns to "read" to himself more. And in an attempt to move that stage along I've been trying to read more in front of Ephram. Unfortunately all my recent book purchases are on the iPad, which Ephram relates with games, not reading. So, I finally picked up a book at the library for myself to read while he reads. Problem is, I've gotten so hooked that I have a hard time putting it down! I have a feeling I'll be finishing this one off quickly, so if you have a book suggestion, please let me know!

My new iPhone game obsession: Little Things Forever. It's like the modern version of Where's Waldo. (Note: The original Little Things is currently free, but it's only for the iPhone)

If you've been keeping up with my Instagram feed lately, you know that we successfully got Ephram to sleep in his toddler bed - not that we left him much choice by converting the crib into the toddler bed, but the biggest success was that he didn't cry and he fell asleep after we left the room on Saturday. While his night time sleep seems to be undisturbed by the change, his naps are another story. Yesterday he quietly talked with his stuffed animals for over 2 hours in his crib without taking even the smallest break to sleep. This is probably the reason he's been sleeping until close to 8 the past two days. So I guess this isn't the end of the world, especially if he's still willing to lay in bed quietly for a couple hours during the day. But the big transition will be to get him to sleep in his twin bed so we can move that crib into the nursery! Maybe some cute new bedding will do the trick?

The absolute best part of Ephram sleeping in a bed is that I've added a step in his bedtime routine where we talk about our day before I leave the room. Without crib bars in the way it's much easier to talk with him after he's been tucked in. The things he can recount from the day amazes me and he ends up doing much more talking than I do. Actually, this is fairly true about most of our days. It's definitely reminding me that I need to do more videoing because photos just don't capture the cute words he says. Like last Friday when Ephram turned a tape measure into a guitar and began running through the house yelling, "I pwaying the guitAARRR!!"

Have a happy Tuesday! & leave a fun Odd or End about your week in the comments!