Tuesday Odds & Ends #19


Okay, I'll admit it. Texas is getting hot. This past weekend we (err... mostly Beau) spent another couple days working on the backyard ("in progress/after" pictures coming soon), and Beau was dripping in sweat on more than one occasion. But, the mornings and evenings are still wonderful. One thing I was super excited about saving money on when we moved to Texas was a snow blower (very much essential up in Minnesota). Little did I know, there are other essentials down here in Texas. Beau and I had discussed hiring a pest control service a few times before we moved into our house, but nothing serious. Friday afternoon I called and hired professional bug sprayers, and it's a good thing, since we discovered a dead black widow on our doorstep that evening. They came and sprayed yesterday, but he warned me that there may be an increase in spiders for the next week since they'll be trying to evacuate our home. Sure enough, I'm 99% sure I found (& killed!) a brown recluse on our back patio this morning. My arachnophobia has doubled.

A couple weeks ago you might recall my frustration with finding cute boy clothing. Well I found yet another adorable online (of course) site for affordable boys clothing via Pinterest today. If you share in my frustration, head over here to NextDirect. I'm particularly smitten with these onesies.

Random discovery of the week: I'm a Bath & Body Works soap hoarder. Though, to my defense, most has been gifted to me. I love the smells, but I've just seem to stick with my Target version of Dove or Aveeno soaps in the shower. So I have started using up my BBW soap as a last rinse at the end of my shower. It leaves me feeling an extra bit of freshness. Right now I'm stuck on Cherry Blossom. Anyone else do this?

In less than one week, we'll officially be able to eat dinner as a family for the first time in 2012. Now, I know that may sound strange, but we gave away our kitchen table before we moved from MN and ever since then Beau and I have sat at bar stools and Ephram has sat by himself in his high chair. Call me silly, but I just don't get the same "family dinner" feeling when we eat like this. A new, round, white Ikea table will be delivered next Monday and fill a blank spot in our kitchen - and I'm super excited.

What are you excited about this week?

Happy Tuesday! Stay cool!