Tuesday Odds & Ends #2


Ok guys, this is going to be a quick Odds & Ends post since I'm just now getting around to typing it up. Have you taken a look at the new Twitter yet? While fiddling around on there this weekend I rediscovered all the photos I've tweeted. There’s definitely something to be said about poor quality, spur of the moment, square cropped photos from your phone. AmIRight?! And it proves just how handy-dandy the iPhone camera is.

So, do you have 18 minutes to spare? Ever get frustrated with how short the attention span is of your child? Have you heard of Ted Talks? Okay, seriously. On a whim last week I decided to check for some interesting Ted Talks to play as background noise as I edited, and I came across an outstanding talk about how babies think. It's truly a must listen.

Technology continues to blow me away. Last week I broke down and purchased one of Sandra Boynton’s books for the iPad. I already LOVE her board books - they’ve been my favorite to read to Ephram since he was tiny, so I figured the iPad version would be just as cool. Wrong. It is WAY cooler! Each time we read The Going To Bed Book on the iPad I find new fun interactive features. Proof that Ephram loves it too? Here you go.

Following some Boynton iPad book reading last night, we picked out a book to read to Ephram before bed. One one page there was a moon and stars just like the book we’d read on the iPad and, rightly so, Ephram touched each one anticipating them to make a sound or wiggle a bit just like on the iPad book. And that was the moment Beau and I looked at one another and realized that Ephram will likely never read a simple board book to his own children.

For those of you playing along with me to take a monthly self portrait, I’ve got two great sites to share. One for self portraits of you + your family, and one for just you. These both have some great tips in case you’re feeling in a rut about how to capture your next photo. I’ve got this month’s all planned out (just need the sun to come out for it!), but next months I may be digging for inspiration.

Lastly, how about a sneak peek from the Christmas Card I finally got around to ordering this weekend. It's not that I've been procrastinating making it, I just had to get past the fact that our family photo didn't turn out quite as great as I was hoping. Oh well, always next year!