Tuesday Odds & Ends #22


I am currently very tempted by sweets. Am considering making "No snacks except fruit while Ephram naps" a July goal to keep my indulgences in check. I finished the book Room yesterday. The fictitious five year old boy who tells the story reminded me so much of Ephram and, though his circumstances are completely different, every time I set it down I was reminded just how patient I should be with Ephram and how much he has yet to understand about the world. A quick but interesting read for mothers of little boys (or girls).

I am so anxious for the Olympics. Women's Gymnastics in particular. I can still feel the excitement I had in the 1996 Olympics. Every four years it returns.

Fireworks tomorrow! Here's a great refresher on how to photograph them if you are planning to do so.

I am celebrating two nights in a row of Ephram sleeping in his big boy bed. Now, if only I could get him to stay in his bed at naptime... Oh, and actually nap.

Beau's brother headed home on Sunday and even two days later we're all still missing him. Especially Ephram. It made me so happy that he remembered Uncle Blake from Minnesota.