Tuesday Odds & Ends #3


This blog is becoming a little Odds & Ends heavy. I apologize. But I hope you don't mind. So kisses are frequently given in our household. You can't resist a toddler kiss, you just can't. But it inevitably leads to lots of germ sharing. And as a result, I have caught both Beau's cough and Ephram's runny nose. Two colds combined to create the perfect storm, or cold...

After two Decembers in a row of illnesses, I think it's becoming my least favorite month. That or maybe it's the lack of a routine that comes with the holidays. Anyone else feel this way? I suppose I should be full of excitement and Christmas cookies but instead I'm attempting to keep my attendance steady at the gym and fit Christmas shopping and wrapping in between all the normal, daily activities. Maybe with a Santa believer next year it will be a bit better - or at least more magical.

Speaking of Christmas cookies, this weekend was actually a lot of fun, filled with family time. From a late Friday night with Beau's siblings to the First Annual Gjerdingen Cookie Classic on Saturday (you can thank my sister in law for the corny name - we're big on those around here), to a not-actually-all-that-relaxing Brunch at the Tavern on Sunday with Beau and Ephram. Believe me when I say time has felt like it's been standing still while moving at the speed of light. Honest.

Hey Fellow OC lovers, I just came across a photoshoot of Autumn Reeser and her baby boy this week! He's almost as adorable as my little boy. You can check it out here, by photographer Paul Von Rieter. And did you know Autumn has a blog too? That deserves about 25 celebrity cool points in my opinion, and that's a lot considering I've never actually give out celebrity cool points before.

Song of the week: Princess of China by Coldplay (featuring Rhinanna). For some reason, I’m just not feeling the Christmas music this year. Usually my car would be filled with holiday tunes, but instead I’ve been jamming to this. It’s smooth yet upbeat and danceable. Is that a word? Anyways, I have to thank my pal, Sheena for putting in the latest cd she gave me. Sheena, you better keep sending me good music when you move! Definitely give it a listen.

Finally, a peek at a 'new to me' cookie recipe made at our Cookie Classic this week, Krumkake.