Tuesday Odds & Ends #5


The fact that I've already watched the trailer online about 8 times is probably evidence enough that I am dying to see The Hunger Games movie. And if you're as obsessed as I am, you'll be just as excited to find out that they are planning FOUR movies to cover all three books of the series. Seriously, a must read! On Saturday, Beau and I ventured out to do something we've never done before. I know, it sounds really risky, doesn't it? Well, in actuality, all we did was visit a bar in downtown Houston, but if you knew me in college, well then it isn't a suprise that I have never really been to a bar. I mean, the occasional 'after the wedding bar visit' or once for a meet up with the professors after visiting my college for a conference, ya. But anything other than that? Nope.

Possibly the most interesting part of our bar experience was that the Green Ranger was sitting just a few feet away from us. I swear! At first I thought it was a joke when the entertainers had mentioned it, but we looked him up online when we left and it's totally true. I was always partial to the pink ranger, but for Beau this was quite the exciting encounter. Who knew my husband was into Power Rangers growing up?

I think the Super Bowl got Ephram a little excited. Yesterday afternoon he started rummaging through his drawers, pulling out every piece of Vikings apparel he owns, bringing it out into the living room, and pointing at it while saying 'fuh-ball'! Poor guy, if only he knew how long we have to wait until we see another football game, let alone with featuring our favorite Purple and Gold team. But hey, Adrian Peterson was in Houston this morning!

I've been trying out a few new actions in Photoshop lately. And I came across this gem this morning that Beau took during our ultra-lounge-around-the-house-superbowl-sunday, right after Ephram woke from his nap. Love that little boy more than anything. Yes, even a little more than the Hunger Games movie trailer or Football. ;)