Tuesday Odds & Ends #6


Ah, Valentine's Day... I've got to be honest that I just don't get very excited about this holiday. Is holiday even the correct word for it if it doesn't include a day off of work for Beau? Well, anyhow, I did get excited just enough to buy red paint and red string for a Valentine's Day project for Ephram. We made a little something to send to the cousins back home - and I'll likely wait to share it online since I was late on sending them in the mail, therefore they might not receive them until tomorrow. As for Beau & I, picking up discounted candy tomorrow is about the only way I'll be celebrating the "holiday". And just maybe whipping up a batch of these, but only because they look amazing. On second thought, I guess I will consider today a holiday if it gives me an excuse to bake sweets. If you are in need of a laugh + a few hair tutorials, check out this week's posts on Pacing the Panic Room. Ryan is so talented at everything he does, but I'm really loving this new series. Especially since my hair is still awfully thin and yucky, even 2 years after having Ephram. Hair loss after pregnancy is so unfair... I'm in need of any tips to make my hair look like anything other than a stringy mess these days. Or just some humor to make me forget that I have hair issues at all.

I haven't talked about it on the blog yet, but I've jumped into the scrapbooking craze that is Project Life. The main reason I haven't shared it on the blog yet is due to the fact that I waited to order the kit until we had moved and by then, the page protectors were all sold out. (Becky says they should be restocked sometime very soon though!) But just because I haven't shared it, doesn't mean I have started! And I'm so glad I started at the beginning of the year even without the whole Project Life kit in hand. But if you haven't started yet and still want to, I highly suggest going for it. No need to wait until a new year, or even for the page protectors to restock. I know you won't regret it.

I've noticed a trend... Whenever a new pair of jeans become my favorite, I lose any desire to wear my previous favorite pair. Because of this, I'm thinking it might be advantageous of me to purchase multiple pairs of the same jean so that I have more than one favorite to choose from on a daily basis. Has anyone ever done this before or have I just come up with the best idea ever?

Song of the Week: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars. It's on the upcoming Hunger Games soundtrack, but you can already download the single. You know I can't go a week without mentioning Hunger Games by now, right? Haha, well I loved the song from the first time I heard it, and then fell in love all over again when I saw the video. So many reminders of the books.

Oh, and if you have had trouble adding the blog to your Google Reader, try adding this link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/DonyaLuanaPhotographyBlog -- you wouldn't want to miss cute photos like the ones below, would you?