Tuesday Odds & Ends #7


This is where I apologize for not posting for a whole week, like every bad blogger does. To tell you the truth, the past week or so I’ve been really focusing on adjusting to being a stay at home mom in Texas. It’s taking a while longer than I thought. But Friday was a huge leap forward when Ephram and I finally met some new friends! And if these new friends actually speak to me again after seeing the almost tears welling up behind my eyes as I shyly asked if they were the mothers I’d been hoping to meet up with since finding them online in December, well, they’ll do just fine as some great new Texas friends I think. Sesame Street has become my best friend. No really. If it weren’t for ‘teet’ (as Ephram calls it) I would still be showering a) quickly with an incessant two year old whining to come in the water with me, or b) waiting to shower until said two year old takes his afternoon nap - which means I’m in pajamas the first half of the day... Obviously, neither of these options was very fun for me. But, our new (rough) M-F schedule includes a 9am morning snack in mommy & daddy’s bed during Sesame Street for Ephram so that I can take a shower, gasp, in peace. So many of our activities or errands are around 10am, so it’s perfect for us, though I’ve started DVR’ing them daily in case I want to get my shower in earlier in the day.

If you have a two year old, it’s likely you have a Scout puppy (or Violet puppy). In case you aren’t so fortunate to know all about the toys two year olds want, you can check out this link. But if you do have a Scout/Violet, you know all about the set up. You tell Scout/Violet your childs favorite color, animal, and food. Well I recently made the mistake of choosing pizza as Ephram’s favorite food. He has always enjoyed pizza, so why not? Well, it’s officially his absolute favorite item to eat now. Ever. In fact, every time the oven timer beeps, he expects pizza. Maybe I should tell Scout that Ephram’s new favorite food is broccoli. Or would that make me officially a bad mommy?

Today I went to Target to get paper towels. I pushed a full cart + Ephram to the car. I opened the trunk to unload the cart of goods. I then realized that a previously purchased pack of paper towels was still sitting in my trunk from a visit to Target nearly two weeks ago. Today, I think I’m losing my mind just a little bit.

I owe you a few photos of Ephram and what we’ve been up to lately. So here’s one from our Sunday visit to the beach. We take our shelling adventures very seriously, as you can see.