Tuesday Odds & Ends #8


This is going to be a very random collection of thoughts, even for a Tuesday. I can already tell. We’ve been pushing potty training a little more with Ephram this week, mostly because he tells us it hurts when we wipe his butt after he does #2 in his diaper. In addition to asking him several times a day if he needs to use the potty, we’ve added ‘potty treat’, aka Cadbury Eggs. Unfortunately, they aren’t working quite as I expected. After recieving a potty treat for successfully using the potty this weekend, he had a tantrum and could not understand why he could not have more than one potty treat. And this morning, we had this conversation:

e: (starts grunting) me: Ephram, do you have to go potty? Do you want to go poop in the potty? Get a potty treat? If you go poop in the potty you get a treat! e: no. all done. no. no potty. all done treeeeeat!

two minutes later he walks by me with a smelly diaper.

me: ephram, did you poop in your diaper? e: no. (runs away)

This first trimester has left me wanting to eat just about... nothing. I don’t think I ever truly understood the meaning of pregnancy craving until now. When something finally does sound good, I eat a ton of it. Eggos? Yep. And the pound of honey roasted turkey Beau bought for his lunches? Ya, I ate it all... in less than 24 hours!

Ephram’s birthday this year also marked the day we officially closed on our Minnesota house. We hadn’t seen it since January 6th, but it was still in our possession for almost two more months while we waited patiently for the closing date to arrive. (And by our hands, I should say our family's hands, as they've been HUGE helpers in taking care of things at the house now that we're living over 1000 miles away) We are extremely lucky to have sold our house so quickly, but sadly we had prepared for the worst and signed a 12 month lease in our new Texas apartment. But we’ve started house hunting anyways, and are hoping to find something that’s just too perfect to pass up this summer and breaking our lease. It’s exciting, but after staring at millions of photos of homes online over the past couple weeks, they've started to enter my dreams - which make me toss and turn all night. It will sure be a relief when we truly have our own property in Texas instead of an apartment.

I am mildly missing the excitement that comes with Spring in Minnesota. Family and friends from up north have been posting non-stop about the insanely early summertime weather they are having and I totally miss that excited feeling of warmth returning. Meanwhile here in Texas, we’ve reached the 70s or 80s all but three days this month. I love it. But I definitely miss that ‘first spring day’ feeling. I’m sure it will come with the ‘first fall day’ in Texas after the summer heat, right?

Ephram received the movie Bambi for his birthday. Or as he calls it, ‘Bandy’. I wasn’t sure if a movie would capture his attention since he still only tends to really watch Sesame Street and Wheel of Fortune. But he is in love with Bambi. What do you think my chances are that he’ll get sick of the movie before understanding the sad parts? So far I’d say pretty good since his favorite parts so far are when Thumper is laughing a young Bambi.

And a random but cute, 'skeptical face' photo of Ephram, you know, to complete your day. :)