Tuesday Odds & Ends #9


This morning I sent my mom home on a plane after a 5 day visit.  Somehow, after nearly 3 months of living in Texas, leaving the airport today, it finally sunk in that our families aren't just a drive away from us.  I was wondering when it would finally hit me for real.  I've been saying it out loud for 3 months now, but the feeling in my heart was very different today. Speaking of things that have affected my heart lately, you must catch up on Ashley's adoption story.  Every time I read one of her posts about it, I cry just a bit.  Such a good story she's sharing.

While my mom was in town, Beau and I got out for a little date, which included our once-every-four-years movie theater experience.  We of course saw Hunger Games, but sadly I was disappointed.  Did anyone else feel the movie didn't really connect the audience emotionally enough to the characters?  I know it's difficult to fit a book into a 2 hour movie while still keeping to the story, but I felt it just left some important details and stories out that would have created a better emotional connection for those who had not read the books.  If you haven't read the books and are thinking of seeing the movie, I highly suggest reading  the book first.  Especially since even some of the details about the Games itself weren't described in much detail at all (ex: What the winner of the Games wins for their district if they are the last to survive).

So, we're getting really close to buying a house.  Though, I'll write this and an hour later, we'll take a step back, I'm sure.  Who knows.  It's an odd roller coaster ride looking for the right house down here in Texas.  But we are so excited to have a yard again.  I can't wait to share more once we officially are homeowners once again.  Even Ephram's showed some excitement when we showed him a photo of the 'park' (swingset) that is currently in the backyard of the house we've been eyeing up.  Even if they take it with, you can be sure we'll be replacing it fairly quickly.

Though I have yet to find frozen sausage pizza, Land O'Lakes american cheese, or China Boy rice noodles (thin style - perfect for stir fry) since we've moved, I did find some redemption in a bag of decent tasting Honeycrisp Apples at Target last week.  In March!  And as a bonus, Ephram has (sort of) shown interest in eating the apples too.  He's turned into such a picky eater, so this is a small victory for me.

I've been a bit skimpy on the photos lately, but I've got a bunch more of this little boy in his swim suit to share from our recent trips to the beach, coming soon.