waking up to this

Amazingly with our schedule, we were able to go to cabin for a SECOND time in 2008.  It was a bit cooler this time, but the leaves were gorgeous.  It's hard to remember why we continue to live in a place as cold as MN in January, but these pictures help.  I cannot wait to see something other than white on the ground.

Like I mentioned in my previous cabin post, I love waking up to see the lake.  And this is what I saw.

In my previous cabin post, I also mention the two dogs my in laws have.  Meet Willow, their third dog.

My mom even came with, and brought her new puppy dog, Foxy.  Four dogs at the cabin that weekend!

Can you see why this is my favorite place?  It's just so beautiful.  More pictures to come this coming summer I hope!!

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