where did november go?

This year has gone by incredibly fast. I mean, I swear two days ago, it was mid July and I was still keeping my newly discovered pregnancy a secret from most everyone besides my family. I was still able to fit into my favorite pair of jeans! (though luckily I have found the most comfy jeans ever, from target, for my pregnant belly) Anyways, I know I'm a little early with the Christmas planning, but it was a goal of mine to be completely done Christmas shopping at least 2 weeks before Christmas. And since my family has some crazy schedules, I have one family celebration as early as the first weekend in December. Therefore, I have to have some warpping done by then.


Holiday Prep 001

However, don't worry.  I plan to thoroughly enjoy a delightful Thanksgiving dinner this week.  I just very much enjoy decorating for Christmas.  I hate that it's only really acceptable to put Christmas stuff up after Thanksgiving.  Maybe Thanksgiving should be earlier like the Canadians'!  Just a thought :)

mommy's little helper

This is one last pic, of my "baby" kitty, Rayleigh.  He has a slight obsession for tape, and he's just so adorable, it's hard to tell that sweet face to get off the table.

PS. I usually suck at wrapping presents, and these are probably the best ones I've ever done!

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